The Best Antidepressant

A post by Mother Judith from 2014
The women at Gray’s farms grow gardens and orchards—–some work great, some can get out of hand in mid-summer—–but as any gardener knows there is always next year.

We try to keep our gardens on our farm chemical free, which is contrary to my conventional farming husband, but we are committed to it for the health of the land, the foods we grow and the lasting health, building our gardens holistically and almost organic. My Dad was a great conventional farmer, and we had many lively debates about organic vs. conventional, both my daughter and myself—-

His death has been devastatingly sad and difficult to relieve the heartache I feel the tears swelling as I write. But. I finally built up enough energy and drive and force to once again go out to my garden—-one garden patch in particular had become way, way out of control and called for both a shovel and my big hoe (more detail on this tool later—-but only the best hoe ever made)

Weeding and working away, clearing weeds, digging up dirt—-feeling so great to see bare dirt – ready for my “Back to Eden” compost treatment—–when my husband the farmer arrives and delivers the unacceptable suggestion that he spray weed killer on the weeds—-declining with I do not want toxins in my garden lecture—-I let out a ‘garden laugh out loud’ (GLOL) thinking if my dad drove up right now seeing how hard I was working in this weedy garden he would first think he had the goofiest daughter in the world (goofy was his pet name for me—other siblings got much kinder pet names in my opinion)—-then he would also suggest the chemical alternative to weeding.

After a bit of hard work in the garden I feel my soul finally healing, my heart is not as heavy, oh the tears are still a regular event—–but for a while the pain subsides. King David has become my kindred spirit as I read his psalms—-how God has equipped his saints for all events in life, we are never alone—-and nothing we experience is the first time in history, many saints before us have had the same trials and grief—-Thank you Father in heaven for these trials, you are refining us for your purpose—I love you Jesus
Gardening is the best antidepressant….

-Mother Judith

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