Purple Salad

The strategy to get family to eat more salad is a variety of choices. If there are cold salads ready to go…they are simple to top off green salads with various favors, colors and textures.

This is one of Nancy Jane’s favorites, if this was ready to go, she was a happy girl, have a piece of fresh fruit on the side and life couldn’t be better….well, if I let her dog in the house maybe it could be better.

Purple Salad

1 head purple cabbage shredded
3/4 cup apple cider vinegar. (vinegars are can be interchanged, so use what is on hand)
1/3 cup whole cane sugar or pure maple syrup
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 to 1/2 cup water….amount depends if sugar or syrup is used, the lesser amount using sugar

Optional add-ins …sliced onions, caraway seeds, any fresh herb you have available…we like tarragon, parsley, or cilantro…..but usually we make it solo with only the cabbage.

In large pot combine vinegar, sugar or syrup, water, salt, optional herbs…heat until simmering. Add cabbage and optional onion…..cook until cabbage changes color a bright magenta and slightly tender….with a little crunch.

Cool a bit and refrigerate.

Before and after.

The best way to store is in a clear glass container with lid….when to refrigerator door is opened the salad looks so pretty and inviting.

With the vinegar this keeps for days, but it never lasts too long at our house…..

-Mother Judith

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