Garden Journal

For some gardening is an essential part of life. It serves as a form of therapy (physical and mental) and as a source of food. Garden journals are a wonderful way to keep record of your ups and downs in garden life. What trick worked, and what trick didn’t? What pest do you have the most conflict with and how did you defeat it? Write down your victories and all about the bounties you harvested.

Not only is it great for keeping records, it’s also a time capsule for long forgotten memories.

It is so pleasant to reminisce happy moments from gardens past. Here is an entry Mother Judith had about our previous house before we moved to our farm.

Our garden was planted and producing before finally before making the move to our new ranch.
The first morning the girls picked a pretty bowl full of cherry tomatoes for breakfast. -Summer of 2000

Garden memories with children are the best, their little smiling faces and partially light green stained hands…treasured  moments.

My husband gave this one to me for Christmas. I love how in depth it gets, and on the plus side it has super cute retro pictures in it. You can keep detailed records of garden layouts with the graph paper, pages for each month of the year, opportunities to document pest control, create a plants registry,  and much more.

Each month features a cute vintage seed packet.

I love how you can map out your current garden and draw plans for your future plans.

So fancy!

You can find it at Amazon.

Whenever I find myself in a bind about when I planted this, or sprayed that, it is very convenient to read my old journals! Does anyone else have helpful reasons why you should start one?

-MJ & NJ

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