Sweet Thing Pepper

To quote the seed package…

“Love peppers, but can’t take the heat?”

This spoke to me. I throughly enjoy peppers, however, I cannot handle the heat! Sweet Thing Peppers are a dream come true. You get the illusion of a cayenne pepper without the (in my humble opinion) unbearable spicy punch!


Savory and smoky, the little pepper bursts with flavor! Grilling them was my favorite way to enjoy them. I also froze a bunch and have been popping them in my soups and various other meals throughout the winter months.

Last year was the first time it made an appearance in my garden when I purchased a plant from Burpee Seed. Sweet Thing produced generous amounts of little red, orange, and yellow peppers. It did slow down a bit when temperatures reached above 105 degrees, but who can blame the poor guy, it was hot!

This year I decided to buy seeds and start them from scratch since I enjoyed the plant so much last year.

Looking forward to a summer full of these savory treats!


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