Edible Flowers

Too pretty to eat? We don’t think so! We offer edible and food safe flowers and foliage for sale for bakers, chefs, and anyone who just has a passion for cooking.

Types or edible flowers and foliage we offer:

  • Pansies
  • Marigolds
  • Herbs
  • Lavender
  • Roses
  • Calendulas

Types of food safe flowers and foliage we offer:

  • Lisianthus
  • Olive branches/leaves
  • Eucalyptus
  • Herbs
  • Amaranth

What are food safe flowers and foliage? Things that look lovely but might not have the right texture or flavor to eat. 

Pricing for edible and food safe flowers: For a container of 50 mixed flowers containing bachelor’s buttons, various herbs, pansies, nasturtiums, Chinese forget-me-nots, calendulas and marigolds it is $12.50. Please note, for our specialty flowers the cost does increase.


When can I pick up flowers? Two days before the event. If you are making a wedding cake for Saturday you can pick up the flowers on Thursday. 

What if I plan to dry the flowers for cakes or cookies? We can arrange a pickup date that is convenient for both schedules. For drying we recommend picking up a few more flowers just in case mistakes are made during the drying process. 

How long will the fresh flowers and foliage last? Most cut flowers last about a week.

Do you use any pesticides on the flowers? We practice sustainable farming, on our edible flowers we do not use any pesticides. 

Can you offer tutorials for drying flowers? Unfortunately we cannot teach techniques at this time, but there are so many helpful resources on the internet.

Please be advised, it is up to the baker and chef to ask their clients about any allergies or issues they may have with edible and food safe flowers and foliage.