Welcome Blooming Home

We weary travelers were welcomed home late at night with fresh cut flowers from the gardens. Nancy Jane had them scattered in little spots throughout the house; each time I saw them my heart smiled.

For Kathy’s healing, traveling to clinics is needed. The therapy is out of town and it is an intensive session of six hours a day of physical therapy…it is worth every minute—

But traveling during busy garden season can be disquieting. However, returning home to a counter of freshly picked tomatoes, zucchini, and crook neck squash plus surprise vases of flowers is good for a gardener’s spirit.

Garden reunion is such a delight during the prime season. The roses are blooming again, daisies are bursting, echinacea in pinks and whites….. yes the weeds are a bit overwhelming, but what better way to exercise after a week of watching Kathy workout.

A lady I met while traveling told me in Italy they say the weeds are good for the garden…this year I am pulling that good for the garden card.

Winter returns from travels are just as welcoming, a fresh jar of paper whites greeted us this past trip; the pansies and violets are full of color.

Fruit & nut trees are a sleep for the season, but this time of year the weeds add color; even though I know in back of my mind the hula hoe will be doing its job.

Traveling during garden season is not a choice I would make, but after spending so much time in the city, surrounded by homogenous malls, restaurants, and the chain stores, all cities are starting to look the same. This confirms my life blessing of being in the most remarkable area in the world, with life growing and producing.

Know a traveling gardener? Nothing says home like a vase or jar full of flowers, herb, ferns, or a bouquet of precisely placed twigs.

Welcome Blooming Home
Mother Judith

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