Mother’s Hands

The gentleness, comfort, and strength of a Mother’s hands.

My mom lived a distance from our family, so each year we sent her flowers for Mother’s Day. This vase held the last bouquet we sent her which stirred up the most emotion within her. Mom described how the hands of the child touched her heart.  You see whenever we sent pictures of any of us, she always looked at the hands, they were precious to her, and she could tell who the person was by their hands.  

Mom hands were so beautiful, and her nails were so strong and feminine. I still remember as a child crying in my bed, she would come in and gently put her hand on my face, the comfort and warmth was overwhelming.

 Both of my beloved daughters, nieces, and sister were blessed by inheriting them.  But I look at my hands, they didn’t make the pretty hand gene pool, my Dad’s side all the way.  But mom loved them, I guess they are hands only a mom could love. 

 But, while I would have enjoyed pretty feminine hands, with lovely shaped nails, I am grateful for what God gave me.  They are strong, able hold my family’s hands, wipe away tears, gently place on a face to give comfort, place together to pray.  Faithfully they have never let me down for getting daily duties completed, and enjoying the beauty of nature, writing this little memory, and we must not forget pulling weeds.