Buckets of Blooms

Bucket of blooms orders are now closed. We will be taking orders once again in April 2021.

From the month of April through August we offer buckets of seasonal grown flowers for DIY weddings and special events. Each bucket is filled with flowers and foliage grown and harvested at our family farm.

Prices start at $70 per bucket.

Buckets of Blooms is a budget friendly option for talented brides and designers who posses the skill of creating their own unique floral arrangements. Before you begin this endeavor, please consider these thoughts and questions:

Will you have helpers? Creating floral arrangements can be time consuming, it is easy to underestimate the time required for this project. From picking up the flowers, preparation, and set up; be sure to have family and friends available to help from start to finish. You will want to allow enough time for you to enjoy this special moment with your fiancé- flowers are an extremely important part of a wedding, yet nothing is more important than the meaning of your wedding day.

Are you prepared for a mess? Do you have a proper workspace available? Flowers are messy (boy, do I ever know). Be sure to work in an area that can handle a mess and spilled water. Double check that the space you are in has access to water, and is a cool environment for the flowers.

Research tools needed to create floral designs. Clippers, buckets, flower food, vases, floral tape for boutonnières, ribbon, and more. Make sure you have all the tools you need before starting to work. There is nothing more annoying than having to make a Hobby Lobby run mid project because you forgot to buy floral tape…I might know this from experience.

How will your flowers arrive to the event location? After all that research and hard work, do you know how your beautiful floral arrangements will arrive to your wedding/special events? You will need to figure out how to transport vases full of water safety to your final destination.

Bucket of Blooms FAQS: Here are some commonly asked questions we receive from customers.

How do I order? Please send us an email, [email protected]. We will send a form for you to fill out.

How many flowers can I expect in each bucket? The number of stems varies based on varieties. We estimate between 50-70 stems per bucket.

How many arrangements can be made from each bucket? This depend on fullness of arrangement and vase size. If using quart size mason jars you could get  5-7 arrangements per bucket, subject to lushness of bouquet.

Can I request certain colors?  We will do our best to accommodate requests, however, we cannot guarantee color-specific buckets due to seasonal availability.

Can I request specific flowers? If you have a favorite flower we will do our best to accommodate your request. However, since we grow flowers fresh from our farm we cannot always grant requests due to seasonal availability. 

Do the flowers need to be refrigerated? It is recommended, but not required. A cool room, out of direct sunlight will work well for temporary storage.

How long will flowers last? It all depends on the variety. Most flower will last a week if cared for properly.

When can I pick up my flowers? We recommend picking up the bucket of blooms two days before event. If your wedding is Saturday you would pick up the flowers on Thursday. Flowers can be transported in an air conditioned van or suv. Flowers cannot be transported in the back of an open-bed truck! If you do not have access to a vehicle, delivery can be arranged. Delivery fees vary depending on distance.

Should I bring my own buckets? Nope! We will have buckets for you to take home.

Can you help with the floral design? Give a few lessons? Unfortunately we are unable to provide tutorials for floral design. However, there are plenty of online resources, here are some we recommend:

Hand-Tied Bouquet
Garden Style Bridal Bouquet

For more information please email us at [email protected].