A Blessed Wedding

While micro-weddings have gained popularity in today’s environment, they were not too popular a few years ago.  Upon announcing our decision to friends and family about our “micro” plans many did not receive it well, especially with a history of many huge weddings in our social and family stratosphere.  Understandably and regretfully some felt left out, but after the shock, they either understood while many I am sure secretly thought, “Whew! Got out of that wedding.”

There were a multitude of reasons why we chose a micro, top of the list being Nancy wanted to be married at home in our walnut orchard, and we were not set up for a large affair.

But after the shock settled, our friends and family still were there for us all the way.

We had a group of women at the house helping with the cake, sewing adjustments, flowers, and the misc wedding details that need to be completed. 

None were invited

My friends Linda and Marilynn actually gave Nancy a magnificent special wedding shower, decided to break the rules and crash the wedding to help with anything that needed to be done, from keeping the groom and ushers comfortable, to serving food, to cleaning, to keeping me sane.  

They were not invited.

My sister traveled over 100 miles to attend Nancy’s wedding shower, lent moral support and gave me practical advice since she had a so much experience.  

She was not invited.

Probably the most touch sacrifice was my niece Jennifer.  Our photographer had to cancel less than 30 days prior to the wedding.  But no problem, my amazing niece drove up 250 miles, left her children with their dad (thank you Vimal), spent the night and filled in, taking pictures to last the generations to come. On top of that she spoiled Nancy with gifts only she would think of, and surprised her with an extra night for her honeymoon.

She was not invited.

Such grace, love and care from our loved ones, pulling through helping to make this day special for Nancy.  Thank you to all of you, mentioned and not mentioned, my prayer is that I can be as kind and giving as each and every person who gave their best for Nancy and David’s special day, God has truly blessed us.

Finally I must mention this day was focused on a vow for a lifetime.  Keeping it small we could treasure each day for preparation, while even with the micro we had a couple snafus.  But wouldn’t change a thing.  Not the venue decision or the husband Nancy chose to be a part of  our family.

No regrets, and a Blessed Mom.