Two Shall be Made One

In honor of my parents’ anniversary, I wanted to repost this blog from 2014.

Mark 10:8
“And they two shall be made one flesh, so then they no longer two but one.”

Completeness, Not a Weakness

Serious gardening began the first year of our marriage, not only because we both enjoyed it, but, we had bought an old wreck of a house we were remodeling and gardening was the only recreation that we could afford.

Fun, fun years—started with a shovel . Then his Uncle gave us a used rototiller (we still use), so of course the garden expanded. We got used grape stakes from one of my dad’s old vineyards, horse manure from his dad’s pasture, old sinks we had pulled out of the house for seed starting, purchased cheap seeds at drug stores, economy was a must.

But, oh did we have fun planting, always over planting…harvest, even the clean-up was fun, I remember how mad he got at me when I pushed him out of the old tomato patch to escape a wasp nest. Well, it was for his own good.

Through the years we would get extremely busy working, I would pick up the slack in the garden. When we bought our farm, I took over the garden completely—he had to work his business & get the orchards started.

When our daughter got in a car accident he took over gardening while I cared for our precious girl.

So some years I was head gardener, others he was in charge. But, our best gardens were when we worked together. They are the best, the most productive and most enjoyable.

This concept applies to the rest of our marriage. Individually we both can perform competently, but life is so much more satisfying, and far more productive working together…be it child rearing, business planning, worshipping Christ, problem solving, recreation. When we work together by being together or dividing and conquering to get a job done, working in harmony brings such a peace.

Society is swinging towards young girls pursuing careers instead of marriage and mothering. Needing another person is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of completeness. Our creator made this plan, our young persons should lend an ear to what God has planned, not man (or woman).
What a shame, caring and nurturing is one ingredient that will keep our values, and families strong.

Two become one, a concept sadly being diminished in society. The trend for years is to encourage our girl’s to be independent, not needing anyone, particularly a husband.
God’s plan is that we be joined, and united as one.

Mother Judith